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QIANXI chemical equipment is professional for filament-wound FRP vessel/tanks manufacturer and designer in China, experienced more than 30 years, best quality and best service can be offered.

Materials: Resin, fibrofelt, fiberglass and yarn for twisting

According to the shape of media, FRP vessels can be divided into three categories of liquid, gas, solid tank; according to the pressure grade, can be divided into two categories of ATM tank and pressure tank; According to shape of vessel, can be divided into three categories of horizontal cylinder tank, vertical cylinder tank, rectangle tank; And PVC/FRP, PP/FRP, PVDF/FRP composite tanks.

Min Order Quantity : Bulk , FOB


FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Storage Tanks/vessels basic features:

1. FRP tank with excellent mechanical physical properties. Light and High strength!
The material density of FRP tanks is normally about 1.8~2.2g/cm3, about 1/4 of the steel, but FRP material is much stronger than steel, cast iron and any other plastic material.
And its coefficient of thermal expansion is roughly equal but the coefficient of heat transfer is only 0.5% steel, so FRP is an excellent material insulation material to heat and electricity.

2. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, long service life.
FRP has special anti-corrosion to chemical. When it is stored with corrosive material,
FRP is good corrosion resistance materials, the air, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, and a variety of solvent oil and good ability to resist.

It has already been applied to the chemical anticorrosive equipment, is taking the place of carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous and metal, etc.

3. Inner surface smooth, superior hydraulic performance, no burst, interface, reliability, security, no poison, so secondary pollution and comprehensive economic efficiency.

4. Flexible on designing can meet different kinds of requirements on any special structure tanks; can be designed to various sizes and structures and shapes according to the customer’s need.
OEM service offered and Design service offered.

5. FRP tanks can be applied to different material and different working conditions demand to adjust the FRP tanks physical properties by changing resin system or reinforced materials.

Neatly design, excellent structure performance of tank wall: fiber winding FRP can change the resin system or strengthen material. Adjust the storage tank's carrying abality by the thickness of structure level, twist angle and wall thickness' structure and design. Then produce different pressure grade or special performance FRP storage tank and nonstandard equipments. It is very different from metal material.

Techniques :Make liner (for example the corrosion protection liner) in the mandrel according to the requirement while controlled by computer. Twist the construct layer according to the well designed type of line and thickness after the glue coagulated. At last, make the outside protecting layer.


FRP storage tanks applications:
FRP vessels are widely used in chemical, petroleum, paper, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, packaging and transportation field. Applicable to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent corrosion environment.

- FRP Storage Tank for raw oil, Chemical tanks/vessels

- Acid storage tank ,The FRP is superiority to other material while storing the corrosive medium. It can endure kinds of acid, alkali, salt and organic solution, Sulfuric acid tank, Phosphoric acid tanks, Nitric acid tank, organic acid tank, fluoric silicic acid tank , hydrofluoric acid tank etc.)

-- Alkali-resistance storage tank

-- Storage tank of Saline water/salt solution, waste water storage tank, sewage tank
-- FRP/PVC, FRP/PP compound tank

-- Food grade glass fiber reinforced plastic tank (FRP vinegar storage tanks, glass fiber reinforced plastic containers, glass fiber reinforced plastic containers feed vinegar soy sauce, glass reinforced plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic water storage tank of soy sauce, glass fiber reinforced plastic water storage tank container, etc


The standard of the production vertical tank: diameter 1m-4m, volume 1m3-150m3
horizontal tank : diameter 1m-3.6m, volume 1m3-100m3
pressure: constant pressure -0.05MPa






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